Authorized Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair Facility

Servotech specializes in the repair of Yaskawa servo motors. We are in direct communication with Yaskawa, and are authorized to purchase Yaskawa parts to aid in the refurbishment of their servomotors.

Yaskawa servo motors are complex, precise and delicate. Very often the feedback devices can see failures only diagnosable with the proper Yaskawa drives and equipment. Direct communication with Yaskawa allows us to obtain the proper servo motor encoders for each and every Yaskawa servo motor repair that enters our shop.

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Repair & Refurbishment of Yaskawa Servo Motors

Servotech has extensive experience with Yaskawa servo motor repair. Yaskawa is one of the largest automation manufacturers in the world, and produces high-end servo motors and spindle motors. Servotech specializes in the repair of Yaskawa motors, from Hicup low inertia DC brush type servo motors, to AC brushless servo motors with absolute encoders, to the new series Yaskawa servo motors with 19 Bit serialized encoders. Servotech’s servo motor expertise, coupled with our ability to purchase parts directly from Yaskawa, allows us to provide some of the industry’s best Yaskawa servo motor repair services.

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